Pat Dorn – 702.300.2891

Pat Dorn is a managing partner of HBP Analytics, LLC, a past Treasurer of Plaza Bank, CA and Bank of Manhattan, CA, and has over 25 years of experience working with banks on risk, compliance and strategy issues.

Mo Sullivan – 702.271.7367

Maurice Sullivan is a Managing Partner of HBP Analytics, LLC with over 25 years of banking experience focusing on risk and regulatory issues, including ALCO, liquidity risk management, board education and entity management.

ALM Model Validations

In compliance with both OCC 2011-12 and the Joint Agency IRR Advisory, this review will provide an independent review of the integrity, accuracy and reconciling data input, evaluating modeling assumptions, and validating client’s model-processing by comparing results against an independent benchmark model.

  • Model Development, Implementation, and Use
  • Model validation
  • Governance, Policies, and Controls

Asset Liability Modeling and Consulting

Over 45 years of combined experience in working with banks on finance, treasury, and ALCO related topics:

  • Leading Board and management level ALCO meetings
  • Development and processing of instrument level models
  • Compiling Monthly/Quarterly ALCO presentations
  • Board and Management level ALCO meetings
  • Bank Treasurer, budgeting and capital markets experience

Liquidity Risk Review

We review and assess the bank’s Liquidity Risk Management Process (“LMPs”) based primarily on the guidelines established in the Interagency Guidance on Funding and Liquidity Risk (“Interagency Guidance”) issued in March 2010. In compliance with the Interagency Guidance, the review will provide an independent review of the adequacy of the bank’s LMP’s to appropriately indenify, measure, monitor, and control its funding and liquidity risk.

This review focuses on the primary tools for measuring and managing liquidity risk.

NV Subsidiary Services

We currently service clients from Wisconsin and Indiana, providing domicile entity management services for special prupose entities (SPEs) including bank investment subsidiaries. Our staff has over 50 years of experience in successfully managing SPEs. 

Our services include management, accounting, administrative, reconciliations, audit, and vendor management services.

Strategic Plans and Planning Sessions

Whether you are developing your first strategic plan or looking for insights to enhance your current plan, our process will help you:

  • Identify, assess and prioritize your current strategic goals and initiatives,
  • Document the goals and initiatives into a clear, concises, executable, measurable plan, and
  • Manage accountability with ongoing assessments, measurement and evaluation of plan goals.
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