Patrick Dorn

Patrick Dorn


Mr. Dorn is the Managing Partner of HBP Analytics, LLC., possessing over 25 years of experience in banking in the areas of capital markets, finance, accounting, treasury, interest rate risk management, liquidity management, balance sheet strategies, investment portfolio management, entity management, compliance, and policies.

Mr. Dorn served as the Treasurer of Plaza Bank, CA, from June 2015 through October 2017. Prior to its acquisition by Plaza Bank, Mr. Dorn served as the Treasurer of Bank of Manhattan, CA, from January 2014 through June 2015. Previous to that, he served as a consultant to the Carpenter Community BancFund from July through December 2013. From October 2011 through July 2013, Mr. Dorn served as the President of the KeyState Companies. Mr. Dorn’s primary responsibilities were to prepare and implement the company’s annual strategic and marketing plans and to manage all client administration and operation functions.

From 1983 through 2011, Mr. Dorn served in a variety of positions for the M&I Marshall & Ilsley Corporation, most notably as vice president and president of M&I Portfolio Services, Inc. (M&I), a subsidiary of M&I Bank and as a vice president of M&I Capital Markets. Mr. Dorn was responsible for M&I’s entity management services business and its asset liability consulting business. The companies provided accounting, custodial, corporate nexus, investment management, interest rate risk modeling, asset liability consulting and balance sheet strategy consulting.

Mr. Dorn has presented on behalf of the Western Independent Bankers Association, the California Bankers Association, M&I Capital Markets, and BMO Capital Markets and has provided articles or other content for the Western Independent Bankers and the Indiana Bankers Association.

Mr. Dorn received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.